Smilio configurator (FW > 2.0.1)

This configurator aims to help IoT integrators to configure Smilio A & S types by themselves. WARNING: misconfiguration can lead to unexpected behaviors, abnormal energy or data consumption, or even network rejection. DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH LORAWAN TECHNOLOGY. LoRaWAN parameters are ignored for Sigfox use.

Downlink command MUST be done on Port 2. Sending data to port 1 or 0 could potentially lead to serious malfunctions. Using Skiply API is recommended to avoid any trouble.
Time between 2 periods in minutes, max = 1440
Minimum time between 2 pushes, in seconds, min = 1 max = 60. Time to enter a code in code mode.
Running Mode (see documentation for special modes). Pulse Mode is not recommended for production (potential data loss in case of missed radio frame).
LoRaWAN Special Mode, 00 to FF (hexadecimal)
Minimum time between 2 magnetic detections, in seconds, min = 3 max = 60